A Day at the printer’s fair

I've been waiting for the printer's fair at San Jose History Park to happen this spring for quite some time. Over the last few years I'd heard there was a fair hosted by the San Jose Printer's Guild, but I never managed to make it. This year I actually put a note in my calendar... Continue Reading →

Summer projects with the kids

The kids and I are home, mostly, through the summer. The kids had a wonderful vacation down in San Diego with their grandparents for the majority of July, but now we have another 3 weeks before school starts. We've been doing plenty of crafts to keep us busy. Here's what our dining room table looks... Continue Reading →

An Album of envelopes

I order prints online through Shutterfly. When they arrive, they come in sturdy pocket envelopes that leave me reluctant to throw them away. I've been saving them and decided to make a book, an album with these envelopes. Since I've been inspired to do make my own books and albums using a variety of craft papers I... Continue Reading →

Making a birdhouse shelf

For a couple of months now I've been thinking about a small shelf for odds and ends in V's room. I saw this "songbird shelf" online and realized that was exactly what I wanted. I just didn't want to pay $189 for it. Since I had the experience of making my Kathy Orta Voyager Box using... Continue Reading →

I discovered a craft shop

While in Bratislava visiting some friends, they pointed me to a book store and craft shop located inside. I was curios to see if it really was a store that carried supplies. And it was! Panta Rhei is probably the biggest book store chain in Slovakia. I had been in a couple of their book... Continue Reading →

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