A Day at the printer’s fair

I've been waiting for the printer's fair at San Jose History Park to happen this spring for quite some time. Over the last few years I'd heard there was a fair hosted by the San Jose Printer's Guild, but I never managed to make it. This year I actually put a note in my calendar... Continue Reading →

The Eclectic-page notebook

Sometimes it's the background paper that creates the initial spark in me for making a collage, so I decided that I wanted a notebook of a bunch of random papers for collage art. A couple of years ago I bought a used Zutter Bind-it-all, which is a tool to cutting holes on the side of... Continue Reading →

A Great haul of vintage papers

Last month my kids and I went to Salt Lake City to along with my husband who was attending a conference. The conference provided day care for children of attendees so I essentially had 3 days to entertain myself. Our hotel was in downtown, about 7 blocks away from an antique mall. Over the course of... Continue Reading →

A Few collage cards

Here are my latest finished pieces of collage art. I decided to make a few cards, sized approximately 5 x 8. I was looking to create something a little more elegant.   The first one has a window that frames a gate on the inside. On the top is a piece of a book page... Continue Reading →

A second vintage-style journal

This is my second (and last for a while) of these vintage-styled journals. They are officially checked of my "to-make" list, so I'm good for now. I didn't want to fuss with having the cross stitching on the spine showing, so did a regular pamphlet stitch and opted to cover it. I covered the outside spine... Continue Reading →

Making a vintage-style journal

I like making books. My mom says I was making my own tiny books by hand since I was 6 or 7 years old. It seems that I've been making them ever since. I like the idea of gathering my own materials, my own papers, assembling them into the order I want, and then binding... Continue Reading →

Time Flies – wall art

Here's a piece of wall art I made, using a 3 x 3 mini canvas. On the plain canvas I stamped black text using a rubber stamp. Then I covered it with a very thin piece of textured tissue paper. I have a nice collection of watch faces that I knew one would work here.... Continue Reading →

New keys

I have a saved search on eBay for a Helason key. I have one that I bought at the flohmarkt in Vienna when I lived there and wanted to have at least one more of them.  They are very unique keys. They are also hard to find. I don't know the story of Helason keys... Continue Reading →

A few trinkets

Today the family and I went to Goat Hill Farm outside of Los Gatos, off of Highway 17. They were having a small antique festival. I picked up a few antique charms I want to use for a little craft project. I wasn't going to get anything but then I saw a groschen coin as... Continue Reading →

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