Busy making postcards

Many paper elements collaged on a postcard-sized substrate.

I always seem busy, making collages in my gluebooks. I have several of them going on at one time, but haven’t taken the time to show them here. I need to work on that and get writing.

But I’ve also been busy making postcards that get sent to my various mail art pals near and far.

lots of different kinds of paper elements make up a collage. Some text, some just for color, some with an illustration.

Sometimes they come together quickly like this one above. I started with a piece of my daughter’s 3rd grade homework and loved the colorful stars. After that, I looked for some matching colors and plenty of styles of black text. The dog came from a Trader Joe’s flyer.

collage with ink bottles on washi tape, a dictionary page, a postage stamp, and a postmark

This one started with the ink and rubber stamp on the washi tape. Once I had that piece, all my other pieces had to correspond in some way.

Meanwhile, here are some great postcards I’ve been receiving lately:




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  1. Love your postcards Margarete! Would love to swap with you! I’ll DM you in Instagram if you would like. I’m Eli @junkandsouvenirs πŸ™‚

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