A “Priority Mail” junk journal

priority mail jj

Last year I made a journal using ordinary printer paper, a USPS priority mail envelope I received in the mail, and embellished my pages with random stamps and a bunch of forms from the post office.

I never shared my little journal for two reasons. First, I made the book for me to use on a daily basis to write my “to do” lists or notes to myself. I wasn’t planning on keeping it forever, just use it up and throw it out. Second, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I thought was a boring little book.

I decided to share it with the group of encouraging folks who do mail art, and now I see that I should have mentioned this project before. There is some interest in it.

So here are a few photos of what it looks like inside. After making many vintage-style junk journals the white paper in this one is really stark, even with the bits and pieces of added elements.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the video for more information and a flip-through.

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