The Process of making a junk mail journal

junk mail process

After I collected and bound some pieces of junk mail, I couldn’t decide what to do with it or how I wanted to decorate it. So I decided I would make two and leave one with simply being collaged, while with the other I would also collage it but then add some paint and do some additional embellishing, such as rubber stamping or stenciling.

This turned out to be a useful idea. There are qualities I like in both stages so having that documented is great.

This is the first booklet, which doesn’t have any painting or stamping in it:

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This is the second booklet with the painting and stamping:

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I originally wrote about this second booklet here, where I posted pictures of what it looked like without the additions. I’m not sure what looks better. I think I like the acrylic paint. It just adds another layer of interest.

I went back and made a third booklet, this one just with the junk mail — no embellishing. That’s good to have on hand as well.

Of course I made a video about the process with all 3 journals:

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