Vintage junk journal – Carpe diem

carpe diem jj 1

This month I was invited by an artist of digital collage papers to make a vintage junk journal using one of her kits. The name of the artist is Ephemera’s Vintage Garden and I used the kit “Victorian Romance”.

Victorian Romance

When I started to think about how I wanted to put this journal together, I not only thought about how I would assemble my tea-dyed journal pages, I also thought about what I would use the book for. I didn’t want just a blank journal with a lot of space for writing — I hate writing in journals. I wanted the book to house a collection of something.

In addition to the kit, I went online and found old vintage photos that were scanned and uploaded on to Flikr. I looked for pictures of women who looked happy, like they were having a grand adventure, or looked like they were simply enjoying life. I printed about 25 pictures in all.

I made the covers from some old book pages, reinforced with heavy cardstock and then inked up. I used a single rubber stamp in black as the embellishment. I sewed the signatures in with a cross stitch.

carpe diem jj - cover

Inside I did some rubber stamping on pages but mostly made pockets and places for my photos. The digital kit pages interspersed through tea-dyed pages worked pretty well.

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On the first page when you open the book, I folded a little card with a note inside explaining why I called the book “Carpe Diem”, because the book was a collection of photos of women who look as if they are seizing the day. The lace I bought at the Sunnyvale Lace Museum. It goes perfectly in this book.

carpe diem jj 3

Here is the youtube video for the flip through:

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