I Found a relative

Hughes children

These two adorable children are Leola and Orville Hughes. I bought this photo at an antique shop in San Jose. I didn’t have any project in mind for the photo but just loved how these kids looked. It was only after I brought it home that I noticed the names on the back.

Just for kicks I thought I would look up their names online. I didn’t find anything for Leola Hughes, but I did get a hit for C Orville Hughes b. 1905 who had a sister named Leola Belle.

When I clicked on the link it brought me to a genealogy site called Wikitree. I read through the description of the Hughes family from Missouri and concluded this could be the one. There was a name and email address of the person who added the family data on the site so I went ahead and emailed her, describing the picture and asking if that might be relatives of hers. That was at 10pm. Less than a half our later I received her excited reply that indeed it sounded like the children in the photo were here aunt and uncle on her father’s side.

The next day I scanned the photo and sent it off to her. She received it and said she had been in touch with the grand-daughter of the girl in the photo, and the grand-daughter had never seen a photo of her grandmother at such a young age. They were both so excited to see it.

It’s amazing that I was able to find these Hughes relatives and get the photo back to them. It’s not easy first, tracking down the right relatives, and then second, finding a member of the family who is excited about having a piece of their family history. Some people just don’t care.

I asked her how she thinks the photo got to California and she said that her paternal grandparents had 9 children who all had several children each and moved all over the country. When I mailed the photo to her I mailed it to Arizona.

Hughes photo envelope

I made her a pretty envelope since I’ve been experimenting with “correspondence art”. Fancy wrapping for the precious photo inside.

3 thoughts on “I Found a relative

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  1. Great job of getting that photograph home. I try to do the same from time to time. I just wrote a blog post about the last photos that I tracked down the relatives. Mine did not have your happy ending as the family was not Cooperative.

  2. Great story — I did something similar with some old photos and it turned out the subject was a somewhat well known photographer and a museum in Denver wanted the family photos I hate — happy ending!

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