Get out the tripod

ROTU tripod

Since I’ve started making videos I’ve been looking for ways to improve the quality of the image on the video. The last time I tried to make a video of my latest journal, I realized that the camera wasn’t focusing correctly and decided I would try to use a different kind of camera. So I switched to a USB-type camera that plugs directly into the computer.

Usually these kinds of Logitech camera’s are the kind you hang on a laptop or monitor and use for video conferencing. Once I figured out how to record on my computer I needed to mount it on something so I wouldn’t have to hold it.

I’ve had my grandfather’s tripod sitting in my garage for a few years now. Before that it was in my dad’s garage. My dad, and my brother who likes to take pictures, and my husband who also likes to take pictures all have tripods of their own and didn’t need this old one.

I’m not sure this is the tripod my grandfather had when he was taking pictures of his home in Los Angeles in 1937 (he’s visible in the mirror), but it certainly could be.


The markings on the tripod say ROTÜ and then PHOTO KÖNIG and NÜRNBERG. Since Nurnberg is the city my grandfather is originally from, it’s likely he bought it there when he lived there and brought it when he moved to California. 

photo konig

Well anyway, I needed it now for taking videos, but I had a problem – how do I mount my USB camera on to the screw on the tripod? I could probably find something on Amazon to help me but I knew someone would have come up with a hack and and I was right. Basically, it comes down to using superglue to affix a nut onto the base of the camera (1/4 – 20 size). So that’s what I did.

USB camera with a nut

And it worked just fine.

camera desk setup

I wish my grandpa could see it.

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