Vintage memory book of my grandmother

sewing glue bookBack in August — 9 months ago — I began working on what I’m calling a memory book of my grandmother. I took a bunch of sewing related items like button cards, embroidery thread, sewing related paper sources and images, and then added photos of my grandmother to create something like a glue book.

I used an old book and took the pages out, just using the covers.

altered book cover

I sewed in 4 signatures of 4 pages, 8 front and back. All together that’s 32 pages that I collaged.





It’s taken a lot of thought to complete, including writing a little essay on memories I have of my grandmother and why she is important to me.

And I still have 2 pages left to complete. I’ve run out of inspiration at the moment, but I’ll find it again.

3 thoughts on “Vintage memory book of my grandmother

  1. I love this. My sister in law needs to do this. D.o
    Great! Love the pictures and memories of your grandma. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Never got round to commenting on this masterpiece: your grandmother would for sure have adored it, and mine would have adored it as well!!… I guess I will look at her things in a different way when I unpack them after the renovation of the house – maybe we will need to do a project together then! 🙂

    1. I would love to see some of your grandmother’s things, and I would absolutely love to help you come up with something creative to help preserve a collection of her things. We’ll have to see if we could accomplish that one day 🙂

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