Painting outside

painting outsideIt’s mid-February and we’ve already started with our warm weather. It was 72 degrees today and perfect for doing some painting outside.

I’ve been setting aside pieces of book pages, some maps I don’t need, bits of junk mail, and other various bits to eventually put together a kids junk book but I’ve been wanting to paint parts of them and hadn’t gotten around to doing it. V wanted to do some painting with me today so I pulled everything out on to a plastic tarp and poured us a bunch of paints.

painting on a tarp

We did pretty well. We decided there were no rules for painting so we created a pretty relaxed atmosphere. V “experimented” with lots of techniques and we put our stencils to use quite a bit.

stenciling with paints

more stenciling with paints

She loved painting on an old map (not so old, really). I’m not sure what we’re going to do with that, but it’s likely it will be torn down into book page sizes.

painting on another map

I’ve done stenciling with chalk – labor intensive, stenciling with spray ink – messy and the design comes out sloppy, stenciling with ink pads – tiring, and now stenciling with acrylic paints. This also can be messy but gets the best results, I think. The colors are vibrant and pretty crisp when using the stippling method.

puppy Koby

Puppy kept us company. Luckily he obeyed and stayed away from the paint brushes.

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