Working on another collage journal

Some weeks ago I saw a video on youtube on making a glue book. A glue book is any kind of book with pages that you then add items like papers and other bits until you make a collage. It’s something like a journal except there is no writing, just visuals. I loved this idea.

I loved this idea because I have a lot of my grandmother’s sewing things and I’ve been thinking about how I can use them, other than sewing and embroidering.

buttons, notions, threadI’ve got a substantial stash and at some point it will be have to given away or thrown out. A lot of it is more than 60 years old.

cigar box with thread

It’s amazing that this embroidery thread is so vibrant. I can believe that the colors have not faded at all.

embroidery patterns1

embroidery pattern book


austrian buttons

This weekend I began working on some collage pages. I had the house to myself for 24 hours and so I cleaned off the dining table and spread everything out.

dining table It took me several hours of attention, but I managed to make 11 pages thus far.

Here’s a spread of 2 pages.

sewing collage

After I have them finished, I’ll gut an old book and insert my new pages into it.

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