A second vintage-style journal

copper spine journalThis is my second (and last for a while) of these vintage-styled journals. They are officially checked of my “to-make” list, so I’m good for now.

I didn’t want to fuss with having the cross stitching on the spine showing, so did a regular pamphlet stitch and opted to cover it. I covered the outside spine with black card stock on to which I had stamped a copper-inked image. This helped complete the covers since I really wasn’t very pleased with how it looked initially.

I bought a Tim Holtz worn cover on clearance because it was Christmas themed, and then covered it with lots of pieces of torn up pages. On top of that I glued on a piece of tissue paper from a sewing pattern. Once I finished with the inking I thought it looked a little too busy.

collaged journal cover

I added another piece of grungeboard flourish, similar to what’s on my previous journal, and then added the black and copper spine. The black really helped the whole cover come together.

cover with flourish

On the inside it’s more tea-dyed paper mixed with other cardstock. A few of the pages are decorated. I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for just yet.

embellished journal page 1

embellished journal page 2

embellished journal page 3

On the inside covers are pages from a Russian children’s folk poetry book.

inside cover copper spine journal

For a more detailed flip through, see my youtube video:



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