Cross stitch for book binding

cross stitch spineI’ve been experimenting with different bindings for assembling books and journals that I make myself. I love how cross stitching looks on a book spine. After learning how to do it and then actually completing the book making process I now know that it is harder than it looks and honestly, quite fussy.

book binding cross stitch

Here are the basics of what I learned:

  • Looking from the outside, the thread always goes at an angle or crosses, never straight.
  • Inside the book, in between the signatures of pages, the thread only can go up or down. (There is no crossing threads between signatures)
  • Complete an X before continuing down your row.

Here are a couple more pictures of what the front and back look like for different kinds of stitching patterns.

Cross stitch A1

cross stitch A2

cross stitch B1

cross stitch B2

I did these test stitches without pages attached to learn the sewing first. In the examples above I made 3 columns of 7 rows of markings. I didn’t make holes in all of the markings. For example, in the pink cross stitch pattern, I didn’t poke holes in row 4 since I was taking the thread from row 3 to row 5.

I made a tutorial for others who are interested in using the cross stitch for book binding. There are other tutorials out there; I’m kind of adding mine to the bunch, but I of course have added my findings.

Overall, I still like the look but doubt I will do this kind of stitch again. I might try the straight stitch instead.

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