An Album of envelopes

envelope albumI order prints online through Shutterfly. When they arrive, they come in sturdy pocket envelopes that leave me reluctant to throw them away. I’ve been saving them and decided to make a book, an album with these envelopes.

Envelope album 2

Since I’ve been inspired to do make my own books and albums using a variety of craft papers I have at home, this project was relatively straight forward to do. I stacked my envelopes on top of each other and measured their combined width. Then, using heavy card stock, I decided the size of the spine and cut that out along with the covers.

album spine covers

I used pretty patterned paper (the same as V’s bird shelf) and lined the cover. I used the hidden hinge binding system for attaching the envelopes. This is a picture I found online. I used beige-colored paper.

hidden hinge

V uses this envelope album for storing her little projects or extra scraps for future projects.

envelope album 3

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