Lots of collage art

floral birdcage collage

In the last several months I’ve gotten much more comfortable with making collage art. At first I felt like I was doing it all wrong and that there was some secret technique I was missing, but after a while I started to get it.

Get what? Here is my method:

  • Start with a color in mind. Often it’s choosing a single image and making that the focal, using that theme or color as the center of attention.
  • If you are working with a background like a page with text, go with about five elements before deciding when to stop.
  • If you want to fill an entire blank surface, go for it. Just stick with a few colors otherwise it gets too busy.

I find that I love using post stamps. I almost put them on everything I make. It’s about that tiny piece of art, something to do with being a kind of currency, and the shape, of course.

post stamp collage

I’m also drawn to square shapes, and parallel and perpendicular lines. I’m not so good with jumbled chaos and just throwing stuff on paper. It has got to look thought out.

paper collage a

In the picture above I chose the color blue as the focal and found a few pieces of papers to reflect that. I used an old post card and tore out some pages from old books that showed their age. I used some rubber stamps and a bit of washi tape to put it all together.

collage a 1

collage a 2

For this one I chose green. Same process:

paper collage 2

collage 2 1

And in this one I chose lavender:

paper collage 3

I even added glitter glue to the little bottle:


I made a bunch for my niece and nephews in their journal books. V helped me with them. She has started making really intricate collages as well. I need to post some of those.


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