Creating some art journal books

A few years ago one of my nephews asked for a journal/diary where he could write things down. I got him a small spiral bound notebook for him to experiment with, but then I had the idea of creating a journal that was partially filled, where someone could find all kinds of neat things inside. Things like writing prompts, suggestions for doodles, samples of random sketches, battle maps, interesting-looking blueprints, more writing prompts, stamp art, etc.

treasure map

treasure map essay

I started making three unique journals for my two nephews and niece, and over the course of a couple of years filled them with all kinds of things. The covers I made by cutting out an initial and making a collage out of stamps.

stamp collage

Keeping my eye out for interesting content was such fun. I always have a bunch of random papers and ephemera so it was nice to put them to use, arranging them in ways that might attract curiosity.

opening a door



After so much time had gone by I was a little anxious about how they would like the journals I created for them. I was more than a little surprised, and completely thrilled, that they all really seemed to enjoy their books. They got busy right away adding content to their pages.

I asked them that they show my what they’ve done in ten years or so. I hope they add things for years to come.

Here are more sample pages:

A future house plan:

future house plan


Lots of Star Wars blue prints:



star wars blue prints


Vadar blueprint


Several kinds of collage art:

collage art maps


construction paper collage art


chalk and ink collages


collage art floral


Write prompt on your favorite person in history:

writing prompt


Map of a Civil War battle that I crinkled up and dyed.

map of a Civil War battle


An authentic German bank note from 100 years ago:

Berlin bank note

A hand of cool “Pirates of the Caribbean” playing cards.

playing cards


Stamp art and eyelets:


stamp art


Doodle prompts:

draw money

Whats on the wall


And other various things:

what's in your pockets

captain America

ant writing prompt

One thought on “Creating some art journal books

  1. Wow! You’re a great Aunt. The collages/photos/pictures look lovely. I’m trying to get back into journaling and making photos/collages/pictures for my journal myself. Nice post!

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