Mini photo album on Vienna

mini-album Vienna

For the past several months I’ve been working on a mini album using cardstock, stickers and folders from the Teresa Collins “Far and Away” collection.

Vienna is a special place to me. I lived and worked there close to two years and so I have a lot of memories and images that I’d like to remember and share. I had some of my own photos but then went looking on Flikr for other photos of places I had been but never photographed. Flikr came in handy particularly for photos of public transportation, which I spent a lot of time on.

I wanted the pages to be different sizes and shapes so that there would be plenty to look at. I found some inspiration on making albums, took plenty of time sorting photos and arranging pages, and then used a Zutter Bind-it-all to put it together.

I included an envelope between the pages to include a letter or some notes.

envelope between the pages

I matted some photos while other times I placed the photo directly on the page.

mini album photos

Here’s the video of the whole album. I hope it inspires someone to make their own album.

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