The Phoenix – mixed media collage

metal collage art

I love antiques. I love seeing them and having them around me. IM, however, is not fond of them at all. He doesn’t like the idea of me picking up random “old, used things”, and he totally hates clutter. I’ve managed to have a few dedicated shelves around the house that might have an antique or two, but I definitely have to hold myself back from collecting more. Maybe that’s a good thing.

But I’ve found that if I can work an antique into a piece of art, it’s pretty likely that I’ll get to display it. So I’ve kind of fixated on this concept.

Thus far I’ve created a few pieces that contain pieces of history in one form or another. I’ve got my frame of coins, and my dog and cat illustrations made of paper collaging pieces of our family letters and recipes.

Over the past few years I’ve been accumulating small collections of things like stamps, coins, buttons, and other kids of trinkets. I can’t say precisely what I’m going to do with my little collections but I like to know that I have them and think about how I can display or decorate with them.

I also have a nice little collection of watch parts.

watch parts

I had the idea to use some for making a picture frame but haven’t gotten to that yet. Still, they’re so pretty. Some of them look like heads or hats, or an eye-piece.

interesting watch part

I like the idea of using pieces of metal on figures; something like an animal cyborg, having both organic and mechanical parts.

With that in mind I made something that became a phoenix. I used watch parts, metal wings and crown, vintage lace, a spoon handle, a watch face, many little colored “jewels” to give it some sparkle, and a couple of vintage papers. One was from a 1950 DIY home guide, and the other a piece of sheet music. I mounted the watch pieces on to a decorative piece or wood. It has a steampunk-vibe to it; that’s for sure.

metal collage 1

metal collage 3

The frame is a book cover and it hangs by a piece of wrapped copper wire.

metal collage 2

I’m happy with it. I hung it in the kitchen and I like when I walk by it and it catches the light. It’s like it’s winking at me. What I didn’t expect is that IM loves it. Nice! I’m already working on something else. Something along the same idea.

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