Valentine sushi

valentine sushi

I hope this will be the last post about sushi for a while. This past week I was tasked with making some snacks/treats for a Valentine party in V’s class. The teacher asked for a kind of veggie tray in a Valentine theme. I really looked for ideas on what kind of vegetable I could cut into hearts and it wasn’t easy. There isn’t much that will cut well with a cookie cutter.

Cucumber works well. Carrots work well too, but they take a bit more effort. I steamed a few large carrots and then cut the whole carrot into the shape of a heart. Then I sliced them in heart-shaped chunks. I got the idea here. Before I cut up the carrots into small pieces I put the large carrot into beet juice so that the outside turned magenta. Then when I cut it up the hearts really stood out.

heart carrots

Since I had so much cucumber on hand, I got the idea of making sushi rolls. It seems like a simple food that kids would enjoy. Cucumber and cream cheese for the filling would be good. I wanted to make them heart shaped but I didn’t have a mold. Instead I had the idea to make the rice red with beet juice.

grated beets

Getting beet juice from grated beets is easy. Boil one grated beat for about 5 minutes in 1/2 cup of water or a little more. Strain the juice into a cup and set aside.

Mix it into the sushi rice when you mix in the vinegar and sugar. Be careful not to put too much juice or you will have mush. The rice turned out to be a dark pink rather than a red but that was fine.

pink sushi rice

After that, make a sushi roll like normal.

sushi pieces

Everything went on to platters with the sushi in the middle.

valentine sushi platter

V was excited about taking it to school the next day and I got great feedback from the teachers. They told me all the kids were excited about the pink sushi. That definitely made it worth my while. For sure I’ll do it again in the future. Our local Daiso Japan store should have sushi molds in the shape of a heart. I’ll have to get that for next year.

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