School lunches (part 2) – Sushi

rice and tuna

Back when V started pre school a year a half ago, I became pretty interested in learning how other parents pack lunches for their kids. I started looking for the perfect lunch box and foods that a toddler would be interested in. I wrote a post about what lunches worked and what didn’t.

Lately I’ve gotten into a rut with giving V similar lunches the 3 days a week that she goes. I give her what she wants: rice or noodles, with chicken nuggets or a piece of fish. But we were both getting tired of that.

Last week I asked her what other kids in her class eat, what do they typically have. She said kids have things like sandwiches – peanut butter and jelly, or ham and cheese. They sometimes had pasta. I asked her what she would like to have in her lunch. She said “sushi”.


We eat at a Japanese restaurant close to our house about once every month or so. Both the kids love it. This was a complete surprise to me. I never thought they would enjoy it so much. What do they like? They like the miso soup. It’s so easy to drink right out of the little bowl. V loves the sushi crab rolls, maybe because they are small, you can hold them with your fingers and eat a piece in 2 bites. She likes the edamame, she likes the steamed rice, she likes tempura. The list goes on and on. T likes it too though not quite as much. So I suppose it was a reasonable thing to ask for in her lunch.

Over the weekend I went to our local Asian food store that carries mostly Japanese items. There I picked up everything I needed to make sushi rolls at home. When IM and I lived in Bratislava we made sushi rolls a few times so at least I could say I had some experience.

roll layout

For fillings I decided to use things that wouldn’t spoil being outside a refrigerator for a couple of hours. I settled for tuna mixed with avocado and then slices of avocado along with cream cheese.

avocado cream cheese

tuna avocado

Making the rice is pretty simple. I bought the rice vinegar that is needed and a bag of short-grain white rice.

Right on the nori packaging is directions for making the rolls.

roll making

I’m not an expert but surprisingly the whole project was not difficult at all. I made the rice the night before and did the construction in the morning. It took me about 15 minutes to make 2 rolls, cut them and pack the lunch.

lunch box bento

And of course I found a cute Hello Kitty bento box while shopping.

hello kitty bento

It’s not something she’s going to get every school day, but she was so excited and felt really special to have this in her lunch today.



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