A Nice find

fold up dish rack

My 21 month old is almost done with a bottle and that means I have a lot fewer things that I need to wash and dry, and leave in the drying rack. I’ve decided that actually I don’t want a drying rack by the sink at all. Still, there are times when one comes in handy so I’ve been keeping an eye out for something unobtrusive.

This past week I found something at The Container Store, probably one of my favorite places to shop. Thank goodness I’m on their mailing list because when I get one of their flyers in the mail I go through it page by page.

They had this drying rack in their last catalog and I liked it. I like how you can roll it up and put it away.

roll it up

put it away

For my sink it’s a perfect fit. The rubber on the ends hold it steady and keep it from scratching anything.

rubber feet

Best of all, I can use it as a drying rack for dishes and things, but also for washing vegetables. Today I had a large head of lettuce that I washed and set on the rack before I pull leaves off and take them to my cutting board.

It has come in handy thus far.

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