Cork board makeover


I wanted a cork board for displaying V’s and T’s art, somewhere in the kitchen. The only spot it really could go would be next to the hutch by the small kitchen nook table.

I found a style of cork board that I liked but I knew I would have to change the color to match the hutch. Not a problem since we still have half a paint can of the stuff. I did some sanding and painted it in one afternoon while T was sleeping.

I don’t particularly like the look of cork. I knew I wanted to cover it with something and thought about using some kind of material, but I didn’t want anything too busy. I eventually went with burlap in a nice cream color.

cork board redo

How did I get the burlap on there? I wanted to remove the frame and staple the burlap on to the cork board but the frame wouldn’t come off. So plan B was using a butter knife to wedge the burlap under the frame. I glued on the material first and then did the wedging. That was the hardest part.

Now I just have to think about changing out those ugly blinds and I’ll be done in this corner of the house.


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