New keys

I have a saved search on eBay for a Helason key. I have one that I bought at the flohmarkt in Vienna when I lived there and wanted to have at least one more of them. Helason key

They are very unique keys. They are also hard to find. I don’t know the story of Helason keys and locks, and even if they are still being manufactured, but I do know they have an Austrian patent (it says so right on the key. You can’t miss it).

I never get eBay notifications of one listed on auction, but then one day I did. And it was for three keys. Wow! There were already a few bids on them but we were at $5. I had no idea how much they’d go for but I was willing to pay a little bit.

three keys

I won them at a little above $8, and with shipping from Canada it came to about $13. So worth it.

They arrived in their natural state of tarnished brass. Many would say I should leave them as is, keep them authentic. I say shine ’em up, baby. I want them to sparkle. So I polished them with a concoction made up of vinegar, baking soda, and salt. Aren’t they beautiful?

shiny Helasons

They’ll tarnish again over time anyway. What am I going to do with them? I don’t know. I’ll do something with them, but right now I don’t care. They’re in my possession and that’s all that matters.

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