A Hutch cabinet for the kitchen nook

Leksvik buffet grey

Just before we moved from our apartment to our house, I bought a piece of furniture from the clearance section at Ikea. It was a Leksvik buffet with cabinet originally priced at $249 on sale for $99. Why so cheap? This model is being discontinued at Ikea. Three were left.

I had been secretly looking at buffet tables and hutches on and off for a little while. IM doesn’t care for non-essential furniture in the house and wouldn’t have gone for the idea, but I love the way they look and their usefulness.

Well, since this buffet was on clearance and I was by myself with no one to influence me, I decided on the spot to get it. It was an ugly brown color and wouldn’t have matched anything in the house/kitchen so we decided to paint it the same color we have our mural wall in the living room, a dark grey. I say “we” at this point because I bought it and IM had to move it when we moved into our new house. Then he sanded the pieces down for me, and by then, well, it wasn’t just mine anymore. It was ours. Still, he hadn’t seen what it looked like assembled yet.

Here’s the before and after.


I painted it, papered the backing behind the hutch glass, and when IM assembled it it fit right in with the house.

matching grey

I also painted a bird on a branch on the lower cabinet just to make it a little more interesting and have it work with out trees theme in the living room.

bird on a branch

I have to say that I didn’t have the idea to so completely change this cabinet until I saw this picture of the same piece of furniture done in a beautiful blue. This convinced me that I could customize our own.

Since it’s in our kitchen nook area we use it mainly to hold V’s craft tools, coloring books, etc. Above in the hutch I’ve got a few things that make me happy to see. And front and center I’ve got my painter’s box on display.

hutch with painter's box

Lastly, I’ve got my favorite key hanging off of the handle. It’s my Helason key from Austria. The tassel I found in my grandmother’s box of buttons. It works well here.

Helason key Vienna

6 thoughts on “A Hutch cabinet for the kitchen nook

  1. Nice work! Don’t forget to share on Ikeahackers 🙂 Leskvik was one of my favorites – I’m sad to see it go…

  2. Thanks 🙂 I shared my PUGG clock on Ikea hackers and they never published it. I think you have to do some major altering for them to consider it. I think the hutch might not be hacked enough to qualify either.

  3. I’ve seen it and it looks amazing! You are such an artist and so good at making things lovely. Great job!

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