Making a rainbow cake

rainbow cake

In V’s class, her teacher approached me about making a cake for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s called a Leprechaun Trap Cake. I had never heard of such a thing but said sure, I’d have a crack at it. She pointed me to the directions she found online and I was amazed. I had never seen such a thing. I had also never seen anything with so much food coloring!

I was actually hesitant to make it, simply because I would be using so much artificial food coloring and I always try to bake with natural ingredients, even to color my cakes, but in the end I decided to go ahead and make the cake anyway.

After I read the blog post on making the trap cake, I did another search for the same cake and found another blogger who made it. She used a different cake recipe. She used a cream-cheese pound cake recipe where as the original blogger used a basic box cake like a Duncan Heinz or Betty Crocker. I liked the idea of the pound cake and was really glad I chose it. The texture came out beautifully and tasted just fine. I’d use a half cup less sugar next time, but all in all it’s a good recipe.

With the batter, the way to proportion it out is to keep 1/3 plain white color and with the rest of the 2/3rds divide that into 6 incremental portions. In other words, in one bowl you’ll have the most batter, probably red, and then slightly less and less over the next 5 bowls, ending in purple.

IM helped me with the preparation since we needed to do it at night when V couldn’t see.

rainbow cake layers


Purple was last. There wasn’t very much of it.

rainbow cake layers 2

rainbow cake baked


After I baked it (It took 1 hour 45 min to bake!) and I leveled off the top, I cut the purple out entirely. Oh well.

purple rainbow


V’s teacher was in alt! She loved it. She said we “hit it out of the park” with this cake. And yes, we frosted it and filled the middle with chocolate gold coins.

I’m not sure I’ll make it again, but it did look pretty cool.

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