Sewing project – Fat quarter pillow case

fat quarter pillowcase 1

Last year I made some cool pillow cases for my nephews using 4 fat quarters of material. I forgot to take pictures, of course. I wanted to make a pillow case for their sister, my niece E, and a few weeks ago I found perfect coordinating material to do so.

The idea comes from a book on fat quarter quilting that I enjoy going through. It’s by Sue Penn and a great beginner book for sewing and quilting. This pillowcase required 4 fat quarters of coordinating fabrics.

fat quarter pillowcase 2


I love how you can flip the pillow over and have a new pattern to look at.

fat quarter pillowcase 3


Putting on the sleeve around the outside was the most challenging since the hem is finished on both the outside and the inside. I had to do lots of folding, ironing, and pinning before I got this just right to sew. It came out nicely though.

pillowcase sleeve

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