Craft project – IKEA Bondis clock, hacked

Bondis clock with star

I do like these IKEA clocks. They are easy to open and access the face without hardly any fuss.

I wanted a clock for the garage and went with this Bondis clock. It’s dark, and our garage is dark too, so we’ll see if this was a good pick. I had such a good experience with hacking a Pugg clock and wanted to do something similar.

I had the idea of using coins to make a mosaic of some sort. Since I had a small piggy bank full of old Slovak haliers, I knew that the silver of the coins would be a good match with the black background. A white background would have worked too.

break the bank

I’ve always wanted to break a piggy bank with a hammer. I almost got my wish but decided V would enjoy it even more. She did.

coins in a bank

I needed a template as a guide on the clock face. I decided on a 5-pointed star. It’s not a communist star, just a star.

5 pointed star

I found a nice tutorial on how to fold and cut out a perfect 5-pointed star, and after I cut it out, I traced it and painted it blue on the clock. After that I started gluing coins.

coins on clock


V helped me find the shiniest coins she could find in our collection.

Slovak haliers

She also helped me wash and polish them with soapy water. That was a fun activity. I’ll have to see if I can dig out more old coins for her to clean and sort. Once everything was glued into place and dried, I could put the clock back together and hang it.

finished star clock


I’ve had it hanging in the house for a test run to make sure it’s keeping time correctly. We’ll move it to the garage this weekend.

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