Birthday Party

birthday party garland

Last Sunday we had a birthday party for T who turned 1. We had our good friends over with their families and kids, and had a nice afternoon together.

Of course T didn’t sleep the whole day, despite attempts to lay him down, and by the early evening he was a wreck, poor guy.

He received really wonderful and thoughtful gifts from everyone. We opened them slowly through the week. Funny that he got three trucks, all different, from the same company called Green Toys. They’re big, tough trucks that are going to be great in a sand box we hope to put in the back yard soon.

green toy trucks

with his dump trucks

One of the trucks is a recycling truck. I thought it was very clever since it’s a “green” vehicle from the Green Toy company, and they are made in San Francisco. It’s a very appropriate thing for us living in the SF Bay Area.

recycling truck

But probably the only thing that will be going in this truck is sand.

green toy truck

I made some pillows for the kids as party favors. As usual, I gave everything away without taking pictures. Still, I have a few extras I’m saving for gifts for V’s teachers. I really liked these floral patterns as covers. The pirate themed ones were also popular.

floral pillow cover1

floral pillow 2

pirate theme pillow 1

pirate pillow 2

They were very simple to make and I got to use a lot of my scrap material. I got the pillow forms on sale so kept the costs to a minimum on everything. Of course it did take time to do 10 of them.

I got lots of compliments on the garland hanging outside our door.

door garland

It was another project I made with fabric scraps a couple years ago.

fabric scraps garland

Since some of our guests hadn’t been to our new house before, I thought it might be a good idea to hang something outside to let people know they were at the right place. We didn’t lose anyone so I guess it worked.

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