Sewing project – Curtains for the kids’ room

kids curtains

I have wanted to remove the glass/mirrored track doors in the kids room since we moved in. It made me nervous to see T banging on the closet door and it rattling in place. Not only that, but with those large doors you could see only half of an open closet at a time. Since the kids closet is so deep I wanted something that would cover it, yet allow for maximum movement in and out at the same time.

kids closet without doors

A friend of mine suggested I should take the doors down and hang curtains instead, and that’s exactly what I did. We kept the track on the floor and above on the door jam so that we could put the doors back eventually if we wanted to.

curtains at the top

IM strung a wire tightly in between the brackets above with screw eye hooks and it was easy to hang curtain rings on it.

hanging curtain rings

I chose “Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed, Woodland Scene” fabric. It looks a little busy when seeing it from a distance, but closer it’s really charming.

Woodland scene

It’s made by Timeless Treasures and they also make a coordinating fabric with raccoons. I got a piece of that fabric also to use for making curtain valances for the two windows in the room.

racoons in green

So far the kids have been good with not pulling on the curtains. They seem to like them and it sure makes things easier for us to get clothes and games in and out.

kids playing in curtains

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