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square table cloth

IM requested a tablecloth for our large, 60-inch, dining room table. He wants us to eat more meals here, rather than at our tiny (28-inch) kitchen-nook table.

I made this one in just a few hours. I had most of the material in my stash already. The center material is upholstery material I had bought to make new seat cushions for our old dining table chairs. That set is long gone, but I still had the material I bought. It’s a heavier weight and perfect for a table cloth. The pattern design works well here, I think.

upholstery material

The very cool thing is that I made it using only my serger. My regular sewing machine is in for repairs and all I had was the serger. This machine is awesome! Besides the threading, I really love it. Even the threading wouldn’t be so bad if I did it more often.

serger Diana

Once I finished the edging of the tablecloth I decided I’d leave it as it and see what it looks like after I run it through the wash. If it holds up nicely then I won’t put up the seem. It falls so nicely the way it is right now.

serger seem 2

serger seem 1

V thinks it’s very fancy. When she saw it first, she said, “Wow! You’re a good girl, Mommy.”

corner table cloth

Next, it’s curtains for the kids’ bedroom.

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