Craft project – Cookie cutter ornaments

Since the relatives have been quite generous with gift giving for V and T, I decided that I wanted to make something small for them as well. On the day of Mikulaš here in Slovakia, V and T got a ton of chocolate and gifts. In addition to V giving everyone the trees we made, we gave them some ornaments also.

match box ornaments

I found the idea on the internet (of course) of taking an ordinary cookie cutter and making it into an ornament by putting a wrapping paper-lined backing on the cutter and then hanging it with a string.

bell cookie cutter ornament

The ornaments needed to be in beautiful boxes and I had the idea to use larger-sized kitchen match boxes for holding two ornaments, and got a hold of some jewelry boxes for a single ornament that I wrapped in Christmas paper and silver ribbon.

match box decorated

I had extra silver snowflakes from my cut up garland so I used those as decorating the tops of the boxes. All in all they came out very nice.

snow flake on top

Actually, I think I liked the boxes more than the ornaments.

two ornaments in a box


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