Kids project – Christmas tree decorations

Here’s what I wanted to make with V:

  • a decoration in the shape of a tree
  • something that hangs with a ribbon
  • it needs to be painted with watercolor
  • then decorated with beads
  • a pretty large size

I made a tree template and then traced it 6 times on heavy card stock. I drew some garlands and ornaments with pencil so that V could get an idea of how to use her colors, and then I let her paint them. She needed help so I did a few.

a few decorations

The next day after everything was dry, I glued the trees to another layer of card stock to make them nice and thick, and then I cut the trees out. By then V was ready to use the heavy glue to adhere the pieces of cut-up garlands for decorations. At Tesco I found a beautiful string of silver snowflakes that I cut up to individual pieces. Same with the gold-beaded garland.

tree details

Once all the trees were decorated I attached silver ribbon and we were done. We signed and dated them and they were ready to go.

tree details 2

V was very proud while giving them out. She got lots of positive feedback which was great for keeping her motivated for future projects.


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