Keeping busy

For two months we are visiting IM’s relatives in Slovakia. It’s been good visiting with the family and seeing everyone, but it has also been a little difficult to keep V occupied with activities that will keep her interested and challenged. It’s too easy to let her get away with watching TV or playing with the Ipad.

My answer has been crafts, but that’s easier said than done. The first week we were here I took her to the department store Tesco and we bought a bunch of supplies:

  • watercolor paints
  • heavy-stock painting paper
  • paint brushes
  • crayons
  • two coloring books
  • a glue stick
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pack of various-colored paper
  • stickers
  • some blank envelopes
  • a mini suitcase to hold everything in

craft suit case - inside

craft suit case


We’ve been making good use of everything so far. We got started on some Christmas decorations to give the relatives, and we color all the time.

craft tree decorations

I went into town looking for things like beads, buttons, and glitter, but there are no craft stores here. I did find beads and buttons at the “textile” shop but they were so expensive! I bought 20 small plastic beads for 1 euro. Buttons start at 10 cents each. For decorating our craft trees I came up with the idea of finding strings of beads, such as on a garland, and then cut them up into pieces. That worked well.

garland beads

On the internet I found some other good ideas for more projects to fill our time. Now I’m asking the relatives to see if they have any old coins or buttons they’re not using anymore. We’ll see what we turn up with.

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