The Cinderella costume

Before mentioning the Cinderella crown, I suppose I should have backed up a bit and mentioned that we do indeed have the Cinderella dress and shoes. The dress was a find on eBay for $8 but the shoes I had to buy new for $20. That was the most expensive item.

The dress is a Disney Store item and in great condition for these kinds of flimsy dresses. It’s got a nice velvet top with plenty of skirt for twirling. And it sparkles, of course.

cinderella dress


Cinderella costume - velvet

The shoes blink when you walk. A small light comes on in the heel. You can’t imagine how crazy V has been for these. The inside shoe padding is dark already from her sticking her little grubby feet in there in and outside the house. They are strictly “at home” shoes but she still manages to get them out to the backyard.

Here they’re next to the pumpkin we’re going to cut up for making pumpkin pies this weekend.

glass slippers


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