A Workshop on collage art

This past Saturday I attended an art class at a workshop called “Art is You” in Petaluma, CA. There were a lot of very enthusiastic and artistic ladies working on all kinds of projects with paints, clay, jewelry making, book making, etc. I was interested in collaging and took a class taught by Anna Corba, a lovely woman with a ton of class and style.

The name of Anna’s class was Vintage Musings. The nice thing about the collages she makes is that she uses vintage pieces of ephemera in all of her work. She’s constantly at flea markets and consignment shops where she an find authentic pieces. It was really great to be in her class to have access to these materials when we were making our projects.

Our project was a journal to basically practice collaging. Then we used beeswax as a glaze on the covers. Here are some pictures of my 4 covers, three of which I glazed with beeswax.

bingo collage

train collage

butterfly collage

This is the cover below.

cover journal collage

I really enjoyed the experience and seeing what the other ladies were working on. It was a nice group of about 10 of us.

The beeswax was interesting but I’m not too sure I liked the effect. It saturates everything, and depending on what you have underneath your pieces in the collage, layers start to be visible through. The beeswax also muted all the colors. Before the wax everything on the page stood out individually. After the wax it all muddled together. I’m not sure I liked that. Still, it was a valuable experience.

beeswax closeup

After the covers were finished I worked a bit on pages inside but didn’t get far before I ran out of time.

journal page

So what the purpose of all of this? Is there anything I’m getting out of making this, other than the fact that it’s pretty to look at? Yes, there is another purpose for me. I’m practicing and experimenting with collage and placement to gain a bit more confidence in other collage projects I’m working on. I still have a commitment phobia of permanently fixing objects on a page and feel like I might be making a mistake. This is to help me gain confidence and a sure hand.

4 thoughts on “A Workshop on collage art

  1. I’ve always wanted to work with beeswax like this! It does mute things a bit but if the final composition that you’re going for is antique, aged or vintage this would be perfect. I ❤ texture and beeswax is a nice touch.

  2. You have no idea how much admiration I have for all you modern mothers of little ones who can fit things like this into your lives!

    By the time I fed my children, did the laundry and grocery shopping, sewing their clothes, etc., I had time for NOTHING else…

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