Adding details to the kitchen

I’ve slowly begun adding some personal touches around the spaces I am most often. I suppose that it’s the kitchen shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

In the kitchen there is a very large counter space. It looks especially vast because there are no cupboards on the wall to the right of the window above the sink.  Since the counter also delineates the divide between the kitchen and the dining area, I wanted to put something on the wall that would be even more of a marker. I didn’t know I wanted this tree in that space until I bought it originally for V and T’s room.

It’s a simple decal of a tree in silhouette. I found it in Target for $24 or so. It comes as many pieces  of branches and leaves, and you have to peel off the pieces as you want to construct your tree. It goes up to 5 feet high and had a ton more branches and leaves, but I wanted it pretty sparse and simple.

tree decal dining area

I wonder if I should decorate it at the holidays? 🙂

My clock is still so important as it is the only clock V can understand. It goes in a prominent place in the kitchen and can be seen from the living room and dining area too.

butterfly clock

I like having a window behind the kitchen sink.

kitchen window

I didn’t want to put too much on the sill but a few things worked for me. The mini birdhouse that V painted and decorated, and a little Slovak-made vase with colorful flowers.

kitchen window sill

And I don’t care that my little flowers are plastic and fake. They are colorful and cheerful, and make me happy when I glance up at them.

Ikea flowers

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