We’re loving the Ladybug magazine

I subscribe to the Google Offers feed and while I pass up 99% of the offers, I have bought one or two offers that caught my attention. One such offer was a 50% off subscription to magazines from Cricket Publishers, a company that publishes magazines for children. Usually a yearly subscription is $34. This offer was a year for $17. After looking at the Cricket website I decided to buy two. I’d get something for V and save the second one for a relative’s birthday.

For V I subscribed to a magazine called Ladybug. It’s geared toward 3 to 6 year olds and has about 34 pages of stories, poems, small puzzles and a song. And it’s all ad free, of course; hence the large subscription price.

V loves it! We received the first magazine on Friday and sat down with it right away since T was sleeping and we had time to look it over. We ended up reading it from cover to cover and V sat through the whole 34 pages following along with the stories and poems, and looking at all the colorful illustrations.

I love it because even though it’s geared for 3 to 6 year olds, it’s not baby-ish, silly, or dumbed down. There are mostly short stories that anyone could enjoy but done with nicely done illustrations along the way to help carry the story. The poems are cute and some ask the reader to find objects on the page or count a number of something.

The last few days V has taken the magazine with her to bed when it’s time for a nap. Usually if she doesn’t want to sleep I tell her she doesn’t have to sleep but she needs to rest and relax and can take something to read with her.

She has also asked me to read through the magazine twice more since we got it 4 days ago. If the rest of the magazines are as good as this one we’ll definitely be renewing the subscription next year.

And the second subscription I gave to my nephew for his birthday. Since he’s turning 8 I got him Spider, which is essentially the same format except geared for 6 to 9 year olds. I really hope he likes it.

4 thoughts on “We’re loving the Ladybug magazine

  1. That publisher has a whole range of magazines for different ages and reading levels. Our kids love them. In fact, our oldest refuses to throw out his old copies, years later!

  2. I hauled around my copies of Weekly Reader from 1962-65 (or so) until 2003… I LOVED those issues! I finally let them go (and sometimes I wish I hadn’t… I’m always wanting them as proof that “environmentalism” used to be called “conservation”…)

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