Placemats for eating and working

In our new home we have a dining table we bought from the previous owners because it fits perfectly for the dining area. It’s rather large — it seats eight — and is almost new. It’s made from a beautiful dark wood and I was a little hesitant about having the kids sit there for their meals knowing they would bang things, spill, and otherwise make huge messes on it. I also was thinking about the fact that I would be doing craft projects with V, which means glitter, glue, paint, scissors, etc., and that would be a nightmare trying to contain on the dining table.

Since we have a kitchen nook area, I thought having a small table, preferably one made of a durable hard plastic, for messy food and messier crafts might be a good idea. Of course Ikea had something that would work with their MELLTORP square table. I got the smallest they had (29 inches — 75 cm) and it’s perfect.

For now I feed the kids breakfast and lunch at this little table closer to me in the kitchen, and IM prefers for us to have dinner at the large table.

I could have left it as is. It’s covered with melamine, which is moisture and scratch resistant. But I wanted placemats to mark the positions where V and T sit. A few years ago I came across this Bunnytown sticker book at a used book sale and had loved it so much I laminated page spreads of the book. I still had those laminated pages and wouldn’t you know they are the perfect size for a place mat. I originally had intended to stick these to the wall in V’s room for her to put bunny stickers on but then never did. Now I decided they would be even better as placemats.

I started with two for the little table and let V pick which one she wanted. She went with the one that had a school theme. For T I picked one with a town scene because it had a road on it and sooner or later he’ll be driving a little car on it I’m sure.

I hadn’t planned to use the others but as we sat down to have dinner on our large dining table, we realized placemats were a good idea there as well. I stuck down the placemats to the small table with double sided tape, but left the ones intended for the dining table loose.

When the kids are older I’ll give them the stickers to put on them and decorate. V wouldn’t be old enough to enjoy them for longer than 30 seconds without destroying them. Maybe when she’s 5 or so.

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