The unavoidable princess

I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve tried to keep V’s interests in princesses to a minimum. We’ve got book and read stories of Cinderella and other princesses but I’ve stayed away from buying her princess dresses — until now. Here’s what happened.

We moved to a new house and the previous owners have a little girl. Their mail has been forwarded except for the magazines and catalogs (I guess the post office doesn’t forward those) so we get a steady supply of kid-centric catalogs like Pottery Barn Kids, One Step Ahead, Highlights, etc. We also got a catalog with nothing but Halloween costumes. V was flipping through that one and discovered the page with all the Disney princess costumes in it. Oh man!

Cinderella, and Aurora, and Belle, and Rapunzel. And the matching shoes! Well, as you can imagine that catalog has been stuck to her hand like glue. She wants one so badly. What am I to?! Check out the situation on eBay, that what.

Ok, so it seems that if I give in, I wouldn’t have to pay $50 for a costume with matching shoes. On eBay I found lots of princess costumes being sold. I could theoretically find one, gently used of course, and pay all together about $25. I think I could do that.

The thing is, I already have a Halloween costume for V. Two years ago when she was 1, I found the cutest astronaut costume at Costco. And IM who is not a big fan of spending money on frivolous stuff like Halloween loved that “cosmonaut” costume, as he calls it. I haven’t taken a picture of it, but I found one of someone else’s kid in that costume. Pretty cool, I say.

astronaut costume

Well, it’s looking like Cinderella or Aurora will be front and center this Halloween. Maybe T can be the Astronaut in 2 more years.

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