Craft project – House collage

We recently bought our first house. Our real estate agent was really phenomenal in helping us find something lovely that we could afford in a very nice area. I wanted to make something for her as a thank you, something that she could hang in her office, and came up with this little hanging collage in the shape of a house.

On Flikr I found a really cool vintage map to use as a background. It was a scan and the original was an aged beige color but since I only had a black and white printer at home I printed it and then dyed it with a stamp ink in an “old paper” color. Then I used colored pencils to highlight some of the markings. I glued that on top of a small canvas the shape of a house.

closeup house collage

Then I drew in a door and a window with a drawing pen, added more brown ink around the edges, added some lacing stickers on the gable and for a fence, added cutouts of a bird and butterfly, a sticker of flowers for a window-sill box, and lastly glued on a metal key plate over the door.

metallic butterfly

The butterfly has a nice gold shine to it and in my stash of stuff I happened to have a piece of gold ribbon that I attached onto a ring and glued to the back for hanging it.

Once everything was done, I wanted to add the key for the lock so I strung it on a thin cord with some crystal beads for added color.

key with beads

We dated and signed the back with a little note, and when we signed the papers for the house I gave it to her. She loved it! When I saw her a couple weeks later she told me how she has shown it to her associates at work and how she really loves having it in her office.

It was a small way to say thank you for the months of time she helped us with enthusiasm and patience. I’m glad she liked it.

house collage 2

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