School lunches

V is doing pretty well with taking lunch to school and eating it. As far as I can tell, she eats near everything. I’ve been taking some pictures of before and after, mostly for my own record of what she likes and doesn’t. And for me for when I need ideas of what to make.

I didn’t want to fuss with having a warm lunch. The teacher can microwave it if requested but I though that sounded pretty high maintenance. I wanted to make things she could eat cold/room temperature. The food is outside of the refrigerator for about 2.5 hours. Everything I’ve made has held up just fine. Here have been some:

Chicken nuggets, arborio rice, steamed brocoli and blueberries. She liked it!

Egg salad with crackers and mixed berries. Not so good… .

Halibut, arborio rice, carrots, and strawberries. Very good. She does like fish.

Grilled chicken, wild rice, carrots, and apple slices. I’m surprised she ate the wild rice after telling me in the morning that she didn’t want any black things in her rice. Good job.


I bought her a kids version of a camelbak bottle and I fill it with a mixture of water and a little juice 60/40. I thought it was kind of expensive at $13 but she drinks it all and it’s a very durable bottle. It’s easy to drink out of and it doesn’t leak. It’s worth the money.


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