Craft project – Painter’s box

Panter's box - decoupage

IM: You took an original map from 1855, and cut it into pieces to glue on that box?

Me: Yup, I sure did!

painter's box 2

Looks good, doesn’t it. Up to this point, the map had been behind my dresser for 15 years. Now it’s actually on display. And when I cut it up — very carefully I might add — I didn’t lose any of the map. All the pieces match up perfectly without having to cut away any excess. So if I ever need to find my way through Westphalia I can!

painter's box - drawers

I’ve got one more map. I’ve got an idea what I’ll use it for, but I don’t think I’ll need to cut it up. It will be “altered” in some way or another, however.

Map of Prussia 1865


Here’s what I did with the last chest of drawers. I use that one on my sewing desk. I’m not sure where this one will permanently go just yet.

6 thoughts on “Craft project – Painter’s box

  1. This looks great! I had a great time reading your previous post about Ikea and GoodWill shopping, too. I can’t wait to see what will happen to Prussia 🙂

    1. I told IM about the big Ikea purchase last night. It went well 🙂 It’s a big piece of furniture and I’ve decided I’m going to paint it before assembling it. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

  2. Wow! You are a genius! I would have never managed to do it like this! The map looks fantastic and just as if it was designed to decorate this piece! I take my hat off to you!!

  3. Awesome!

    (We have a friend who took really old maps and framed them–about 8 x 10 or slightly larger–and framed them for her bathroom and hallway decorations–really nice.)

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