Having too much fun

IM took V to Arizona with him for the weekend. He’s combining a work trip with visiting relatives and so T and I are home by ourselves. Right after we dropped them off at the airport we went straight to Ikea, just to look around. Going to Ikea is never something I would attempt with two kids. Outside I can handle one; two, no way.

Well, so much for just looking around. I bought something, something big, something that I could barely fit in the car. The thing is, it’s originally $279 and I bought it on clearance for $99. It’s gorgeous, I love it, but I can’t say what it is until I tell IM. It’s not assembled and still in its box, and currently it’s still in the car until I can get a neighbor to help me get it out. It’s pretty heavy.

If that wasn’t all, T and I went to our local Goodwill to have a look. Wouldn’t you know it I found some very interesting stuff. I guess I’m on a roll here.

I always head to the woods section first. I’m obsessed with wooden boxes and things with drawers. I have this feeling like I need to fill them with something and have them decorate a table, wall, or nook somewhere. I always look for something that can be crafted up. I don’t want a finished product but rather something I can change. Something I can polish, paint, decoupage, stencil, etc.

Here’s what I found:

painter's box

A painter’s box. I have something similar to this, made by Ikea. I wrote all about it in an older post. With this one the drawers are not that deep and it’s much lighter than my Ikea box. Still I have the same general idea to decoupage it. I’ve had these maps for a long time that I thought might work here.

Germany map 1855

Germany map 1855 (2)

I bought some maps about 15 years ago at an antique shop in Ocean Beach, California at their huge antique mall. They are original Johnson and Ward maps from 1855. But could I cut one up to glue on to my box? Should I, without feeling guilty about it? Yeah, why not.

map price tag

The price tag says $45 but I didn’t pay that much. I don’t remember from 15 years ago but I know it wasn’t more than $10.

Here’s my second find from Goodwill:

Trysse shelf

An Ikea CD shelf, unopened, unassembled, still wrapped in it’s original package. I looked up “Trysse” on the internet and couldn’t find anything. These must have been discontinued quite a long time ago. Never mind, I’ve got a great idea for this. I’m not going to put CDs in it, instead do something like this:

mugs and storage

I like the idea of having different kids of colorful cups and mugs on display and let people pick the kind of cup they want for tea or coffee. I can’t count the number of times I pull out all the different sized cups I have, asking a guest, “Do you want this one, or this one, or this one?” Useful, no? I don’t have 9 cups/mugs yet. I’ll slowly have to work on that.

So much to do and I’ve got a few more days until the family comes back. No more accumulating now, just crafting.

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