Painting with water colors



I’m not sure if using paint to color a picture is really any different that using markers or crayons to color a picture. I mean, it’s all the same concept, right? Only with painting it’s a lot more messy and more work to prepare.

watercolor painting

Still, V enjoys it. We don’t so it that often so I guess it’s more enjoyable when we do it.

I get the illustrations from the huge Melissa & Doug coloring book.


Melissa & Doug coloring pad

I take a picture, trace it on to watercolor paper and put the original back in the stack. That way we can color it again another time.

I have to admit that with the painting she is much careful with how she applies color. I suppose that’s a skill being learned.

hummingbird painting

This hummingbird came out pretty well I think. But I had to stop her at this point. Otherwise she would have kept on adding more color.

hummingbird painting2

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