The lunch box

opening the lunch box

V starts eating lunch at school this week. It means that I officially start making lunch for V to take to school on a regular basis. Honestly, I’m a little nervous about it. What am I going to pack day after day? Will she like what she gets? Will she eat it? How do I keep things interesting?

A few months ago I found a great blog by a mom who created a school lunch archive where she takes pictures of her kids’ open lunch box before packing it up. I love the idea that she keeps a record. Then, when her son comes home, she opens the lunch box and takes another picture showing what he didn’t eat. Brilliant! I definitely will be looking at this site to get lunch ideas.

I have something of a Lunch Cube that I had used in the past to pack picnics for IM when he goes out for a hike with V. It’s a bit more complicated for a 3-year-old to use so I sat V down this evening and had her do a dry run a couple of times, opening and closing the box.

Princess Aurora lunchbox

We had to strategically add some stickers so she knows which way is the top and where you open the second tab inside.

sesame street stickers inside

I cut down some yogurt cups and a cream cheese container to use as dividers inside. She’s not going to eat that much but still, it’s good to keep things separated.

cut down containers

We’ve made our very own bento-style box (round shapes instead of squares).

bento-style lunch box

Now let’s see what I pack in it tomorrow.

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