The attraction to an expressive face

I see you

T is 4.5 months old now. He’s been such a good little guy and I’m definitely enjoying this infant stage much more than when V was this age.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that T is much more interested in stuffed animals than V was at 4 months. I remember being a little disappointed when V wasn’t showing any interest in her cute teddy bears and colorful plush toys as an infant. It wasn’t until she was closer to 1 year that she developed an interest in them. With T it’s different. He’s attracted to anything with eyes and will stare at a toy with a face for a long time.

staring contest

He’s got his favorites of course. He really likes some of the toys from Lamaze. We’ve got Freddie the Firefly, Sophie the princess, and the Giraffe. The giraffe is his hands-down favorite.

Lamaze giraffe

Sophie is pretty darn cute. She’s got to be my favorite. V didn’t care for it that much as a baby. I’m glad T likes her. It’s those big eyes.

Lamaze Sophie

T also likes to talk to this puppy. He’ll babble on and on with enthusiasm. It’s so charming to watch.

Havinko the dog

I’m curious to see which toy or animal will end up being the favorite that he can’t leave behind. V doesn’t really have a single favorite and never has. She likes them all, as is demonstrated by the heap she keeps on her bed. We keep rotating those characters in and out, and saving some for T, of course.

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