Craft project – Teacher deck of cards

teacher deck cards

V is finishing the school year this week and I wanted to make something special for her teacher. I saw this idea from Papervine on altering a deck of cards. She uses all 52 cards in her “52 Reasons I Love You” deck. I wanted to do something simpler.

I got 10 cards and labeled them with adjectives describing V’s teacher. I printed them on label paper so that I could peel off the back and stick it to the card.

Click on the image to see it larger.

altered deck of cards1

Then I made a hole punch on the top and attached a clip ring.

altered deck of cards2

I added a last card of another queen and stuck a picture of V on it. We signed it and dated it there.

If anyone wants the file to make these labels, I’ve made them available. Feel free to use the adjectives I’ve used or fill in your own. The page doesn’t correspond to any special label paper. I used a full page label and then cut them out individually.

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