Sewing project – Simple cardigan from a t-shirt

finished cardigan

I love having light sweaters for the kids. Since we have pretty moderate temperatures — and summer is coming — I like to have light sweaters on hand in case it’s a little cold in the mornings or evenings.

Thanks to a wonderful blog post chic envelopements on making your own cardigan out of a plain t-shirt, I got the great idea to make a sweater out of an old shirt for V.

V got some cute shirts from her cousin E but they aren’t going to fit for too much longer. Since one is a long-sleeve shirt with a winter motif, for sure it will be too small for V by the time next winter rolls around. It’s a cute shirt so I decided to use it as my first sewing attempt.

Over all, I’m satisfied with how it turned out. It was pretty simple really.

After I cut the shirt down the middle, I went to my pile of scraps to find material that would match the shirt. The only thing I could find that had red or white or pink was this scrap left over from a valentines day material panel. I thought it might work since all three colors are represented and it would end up looking like a narrow piece of bias tape anyway.

matching material

After I cut out the pieces, I pinned them to the material.

pinning the bias tape

I folded all the seems and ironed them to make nice sharp creases before pinning them in place.

pinning in place

I sewed them down using a decorative stitch. I picked snowflakes since I’m going with the winter theme.

snowflake stitch

After that came the snaps.

snaps on the cardigan

That’s it. With the snaps, V can fasten it easily herself; buttons are still to complicated. The sweater is tight, but it will last us a couple of months. Then I’ll just make another.

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