Kids project – Butterfly wings

A friends of ours had a birthday party for their daughter last month. Her mom made a project of butterfly wings out of craft foam and had the kids decorate the wings with cut outs from sparkly craft foam pieces. We weren’t able to make the project with all the other kids but got to bring the supplies home to assemble another time.

This past week V asked me if she could make her wings and I brought everything out. We had a great time decorating our wings (one for V and one for me). This was really a wonderful project.

Of course V was drawn to the sparkly pieces. Each piece was like a sticker in which you removed the paper from the back and stuck it on the wings. We had quite a few pieces but V managed to use almost every single one.

I grabbed a few for mine too.

Of course after I made mine, V had to wear them while she finished hers.

We both loved this project and worked on these for over an hour. V played with these for many more hours after that.



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