Sewing project – Hanging wall organizer

hanging wall organizer1

Since I share my workspace with IM on the same desk, things are sometimes tight. I’ve had the idea for at least a year that I wanted to make something for the wall where I could stash a few of my essential sewing tools for easier access.

And since I’m always vigilant about not leaving sharp sewing tools laying around where V can reach them, I have to put them away after I use them, even while I’m in the middle of a sewing session. Sometimes I’d put things away and take them out a dozen times while sewing if V was hovering around.

Having something on the wall high enough where she can’t reach and yet easy for me to get to seemed like a workable idea. I sketched out what I wanted the organizer to look like and picked a sturdy upholstery material I had in my pile of scraps. I had gotten about 20 pieces of beautiful upholstery fabrics for free at a FabMo event. That was more than 2 years ago and I’m slowly using up the pieces.

hanging wall organizer

I wanted a large pocket on the bottom for my fabric rulers, a long skinny pocket for my rotary cutter, some small pockets for hand-sewing needles, a tab with a snap where I could hang my small scissors, and a large pocket on the top for whatever.

I have a few sheets of coin pocket holders, left over from my vinyl bag project so cut out a few pockets to sew on the organizer. They’re perfect for packets of needles.

clear plastic pocket

And since I have my sharp thread scissors on a chain that I wear around my neck, I wanted a snap clasp I could open and close to hang the necklace through.

I decided to make the top pouch removable by attaching it to the organizer with a long piece of velcro. If I want to keep some supplies that I want to take with me to a class or on a short trip I can easily do so.

wall organizer pocket with velcro

I could have made it slightly larger with pockets that weren’t so flat, but this is good enough for now. After using it for a time I’ll be able to see where I can make improvements and then perhaps I’ll make another.

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